Connecting SMEs for a green economy

‘’Finance opportunities for green SMEs” - 20th April 2016 - GreenEcoNet webinar

- What are the finance mechanisms for green SMEs operating in the European Union?
- What are the challenges for SMEs to apply for these innovative finance sources?
- What role can the GreenEcoNet platform play in supporting SMEs interested in these innovative finance mechanisms?

In the post COP21 agenda, the private sector role in the implementation of climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives is expected to increase and so is the private sector’s role in providing finance for the transition towards a green economy. 

Within the sector, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have special role, due their high contribution to the economy in terms of job and GVA and to the specific barriers they face in terms of investment capacity, and financial competence and skills. There is, therefore, an increasing number of innovative funding sources for those SMEs that would like to transit to the green economy but are challenged to obtain the necessary economic and financial resources from the traditional funding systems. Despite this growing range of possibilities, many SMEs refrain from the possibility to apply for this funding or are not aware of the existence of such opportunities (DG GROWTH, 2015).

This workshop will provide a quick overview on the financial opportunities that are available for SMEs that are either interested or already involved in the green economy. It will also be an opportunity for businesses that already applied for these types of finance to share their experience - both negative and positive ones.

We will also discuss how the GreenEcoNet platform can serve as a resource for businesses, to help them being informed about the opportunities available for them, while showcasing successful solutions and tools for SMEs.

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Full video of the event and material is available here.